Session Details
Day: 12/05/2016
Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Room: Suite 914

Track: Training (Product, ISV, Skills)
Level: 100 - Introductory
Audience: ALL
CPQ with Pricing Guidance (Configure, Price & Quote)

9:00 – 12:30 => CPQ 101 class

This course provides an introduction to PROS Quoting with demos and hands-on experience.

Here is a high-level outline of what's covered:

         Understand what Quoting is, the problems it solves, and the many benefits

         Get an overview of the catalog concepts and sample layout 

         Learn how to generate an opportunity and quote within Dynamics CRM

         Learn the basics, such as how to login, navigate and review a quote, as well as compare products or services

         Learn how to utilize the configurator within the platform 

         Learn how to apply discounts with price guidance

         Know how to generate a proposal with different parameters and submit for approval

         Learn how to integrate with iCertis Contract Management

1:30 – 5:00 => pricing class (SPG 101)

This course introduces the science of segmentation and explains how it is used to generate pricing guidance. You will learn how PROS conducts a segmentation study to generate scientific segments capable of producing customer and product specific pricing. You will also learn how the segmentation data is used to calculate a range of prices for negotiations using customers' willingness-to-pay and trending market prices. Lastly, you will see how pricers can leverage this information to drive margins and increase profitability.

This course includes:

         A clear and robust case for using segmentation-based pricing guidance

         A detailed walkthrough of how PROS produces a scientific segmentation

         Demonstration of why understanding a customer's willingness-to-pay is important

         Explanations of how segmentation is used to create a pricing envelope that suggests Expert, Target and Floor prices

Introducing Your Speaker

Jerome Cahuzac, Director, Partner Enablement, PROS

Jerome Cahuzac is PROS Director of Partner Enablement. Jerome started his career in France as an industrial computing engineer before joining Cameleon Software. Jerome has spent 10 years in the product engineering team, developing and design CPQ solutions. He relocated to Chicago in 2007 to lead the North American implementation team and deploy PROS SmartCPQ solutions in USA, Australia and New Zealand. Since 2015, Jerome has been sharing his knowledge and expertise with PROS partners.